Motor vehicle accidents can wreak havoc on your wallet, your body, and your life. When a motor vehicle accident wasn’t your fault, you may want to make a claim for financial damages. Remember that sometimes it can be months or years before you litigate a car accident case in court, but everything you do starting from the day of the accident can make difference. Listen to Attorney Neil Crowley explain these five items here.  Below is a short summary of the most common do’s and don’ts for anyone after an accident. These are things that can help or hurt your chances of full financial recovery for your losses:
  1. If you can, make sure you take pictures at the scene of the accident before anything else happens.
  2. Begin keeping a diary related to your injuries. Write down what pain you feel specifically, and for how long. Write down all the activities you can’t participate in or daily tasks you need help with because of your injuries. Months later when the pain is gone (hopefully), it's easy to forget about these frustrating moments.
  3. Do not talk to the other driver’s insurance company. They will often send you information and call you in order to take your statement in order to minimize your recovery.  You should decline their attempts.
  4. Do not sign any papers that the other insurance company sends you. Remember that the other driver’s insurance company is not working in your best interest.
  5. Send all correspondence from anyone or any company (including your own insurance company) to your attorney. A lawyer is the only person who is actually and legally completely on your side after an accident. A win for you is a win for them.

When you come to Brooks & Crowley LLP after an accident, we understand that you are in crisis. Let us help you with our many years of experience in litigation and our results-oriented approach. Contact us today.

Contributed by Laura Martin  

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