You are ready to buy your dream home, vacation home, or investment property, and the deal seems to be straightforward. You have met with the brokers and the lender, and there is a lot of real estate knowledge to go around. But who is looking out for you?

Don’t risk losing the home of your dreams or jeopardizing your business by not consulting a real estate expert who is dedicated to your interests. Brooks & Crowley LLP provides a full range of residential and commercial real estate services. Let us provide you with sound advice and ironclad contracts as you make the deal that works for you. 

Providing Tailored Real Estate Legal Services

Lawyers are often involved in real estate transactions, leading buyers and sellers to believe that they don’t need their own representation. When you ask a real estate agent or mortgage lender about hiring an attorney, you might be given a list of recommendations. We want buyers, sellers, and borrowers to understand that they are under no obligation to work with these lawyers. You are free to choose your own attorney, and can even bring your own lawyer to your bank closing.

At Brooks & Crowley LLP, our real estate team works closely with clients to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives and to respond to changing circumstances and demanding time requirements. We will make sure that all deadlines are met and that you are protected if something goes wrong with the deal. Our attorneys have conducted thousands of real estate transactions at our offices, clients’ homes and workplaces, and registries of deeds. Our real estate services include:

  • Purchase and sale agreements. Real estate deals often rely on fill-in-the-blank agreements, but we draft various types of custom agreements for buyers and sellers and will negotiate to get you the best deal before signing an agreement.
  • Title and settlement services. We manage all aspects of real estate closings, including representation of lenders, preparation of settlement documents, and handling the closing.
  • Condominium conversions. If you want to convert apartments to condos, we can help every step of the way, including providing engineering referrals and coordination of site and floor plans, condominium documentation preparation, and sales of units.
  • Private financing. We represent both borrower and lender clients in all aspects of private financing for residential and commercial real estate transactions.
  • Real estate development. We assist commercial developers, owners, and lenders with the acquisition, permitting, sales, and leasing of major real estate projects. No project is too big or too small.
  • Commercial real estate. We counsel our business clients on commercial real estate issues, including financing, development, entity formation, buy-sell agreements, and more. Whether you are looking for office space or developing a major project, we have the legal knowledge to help.
  • Reverse mortgages. A potential source of much-needed income for elderly clients, reverse mortgages can be hard to understand. We advise seniors of their options and help them decide if a reverse mortgage to access the equity in their home is right for them.

As real estate attorneys, our services include advising buyers and sellers on all aspects of real estate transactions, resolving title issues, and conducting the settlement and resolution of real estate disputes. We understand the real estate market in the Boston area and beyond, and we are connected to a network of mortgage lenders and real estate professionals—including out-of-state and specialty attorneys—to ensure all of your bases are covered.

Contact Brooks & Crowley LLP for Your Real Estate Needs

When you are buying or selling a home or dealing with an investment property, you want an attorney who is committed to your success. The attorneys at Brooks & Crowley LLP are friendly and engaging, yet persistent and determined in pursuing the outcome you deserve.

We are happy to help you with all of your real estate needs. Contact our experienced real estate attorneys today to schedule a free consultation in one of our three Boston-area offices or a location more convenient for you. Our service area in eastern Massachusetts includes Brookline, Weston, Wellesey, Newton, Dover and South Boston, along with their surrounding areas.