An accident that causes a serious injury can turn your world Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorney upside down. Suddenly, you find yourself struggling to heal physically while also coping with a loss of income, emotional trauma, mounting medical bills, and a battle with insurance companies. If the accident was caused by another person’s negligence, it could be even more difficult to bear this burden. However, in a free consultation with our Boston, Massachusetts-area personal injury lawyer, you can find out what options are available to you for making a claim or filing a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Massachusetts Attorneys Offering Trustworthy, Aggressive Personal Injury Support

We often hear from our clients that we don’t act like other lawyers they have met. We take that as a compliment. Our goal is to provide personal, friendly service as we make the personal injury legal process as easy as possible. We are not a high-volume firm, so we only take cases when we know we can make a difference. We help clients who have been injured by the negligence of others in: 

Car accidents

Car accidents, truck crashes, and motorcycle collisions cause serious injuries and deaths every day in Massachusetts. When a drunk, distracted, reckless, or aggressive driver caused the crash that left you injured, you can hold them responsible.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents

Bikers and walkers are particularly vulnerable when drivers fail to follow traffic laws. They can suffer head trauma, broken bones, and spinal cord injury or be killed by negligent drivers.

Premises liability

These kinds of personal injury cases include slip and fall accidents, dog bites, assaults, swimming pool accidents, and more. When a property owner fails to fix a hazard or warn of dangerous conditions, they may be held liable for the losses caused by your injuries.

Construction site accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places for both workers and passersby. Our personal injury team handles construction site injury claims, including third-party claims for workers, to hold contractors responsible for unsafe conditions.

Medical malpractice

Mistakes made by doctors and other health care professionals can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering. They, and the hospital or medical facility that employs them, can be compelled to pay damages to injured patients, but these are difficult cases to win without the help of an experienced attorney.

Wrongful death

All of these kinds of accidents can be fatal. When a loved one is killed by the negligence of another person, that person can be held responsible for the pain and suffering of the deceased, as well as losses by surviving family members.

At Brooks & Crowley LLP, we understand that when accidents happen, lives can be changed forever. Our attorneys will listen to your story, promptly investigate the accident, and help you move on towards a brighter future.

We Are Always Available to Our Clients

Massachusetts attorneys Neil Crowley and Steve Brooks pride themselves on being fully accessible and responsive to their clients. They are happy to give out their personal cell phone numbers so that clients can call or text with any questions or concerns whenever they need to. They would rather answer a question right away than leave you to worry about something all night or over a weekend. 

Not sure if you should sign an insurance form? Text us a picture, and we will let you know what to do. When we take your personal injury claim, we fully commit all of our resources to you until your claim is resolved.

Serving the Personal Injury Needs of Everyone in Massachusetts

When you need advice after a serious accident, you want an attorney who is committed to your success. The attorneys at Brooks & Crowley LLP are friendly and engaging, but they are also persistent and determined in pursuing the legal outcome you deserve. 

Contact us to schedule a free consultation in one of our three Boston-area offices or a location more convenient for you. We will be direct and honest about your case so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family. Our service area in eastern Massachusetts includes Brookline, Weston, Wellesley, Newton, Dover and South Boston, along with their surrounding areas.