A totaled car on the streets in South Boston or West RoxburyThe insurance company will present an offer. The most important thing to know now is that you do not need to accept this first offer if you feel it is unreasonably low.  Research the real value of your car on sites like NADA Book and Kelley Blue Book. Research from both of these websites can be presented to the insurance company to show your car's true value and possibly increase the offer.

As with most things related to next steps after a car accident, it doesn't hurt to reach out to your local car accident attorney for more assistance.

Consult Your Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorney After Your Car is Totaled

The personal injury attorneys at Brooks & Crowley LLP are familiar with the legal process and struggles with insurance companies that arise after a car accident. We have handled cases in and around Eastern Massachusetts through our offices in Dedham, Norwell and Boston. If your car has been totaled and you have serious injuries you need compensation for or medical bills to be covered, contact our legal team today.

Neil P. Crowley
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