fair insurance payment being handed over to a client with a car accident attorneyEnsuring Fair Payment From Your Insurance Company After a Car Accident

LISTEN TO YOUR LAWYER! I recommend speaking with a lawyer as early in the process as possible. Speaking with a lawyer about your claim lessens the chance that you will make an irreversible mistake in your case. Hiring your own lawyer means that you have someone who knows the claims process on your side to guide and support you.

Ensuring Fair Payment For Damages From an Insurance Payment Calculator

Before accepting anything, it's a good idea to ask if a computer was used in helping the insurer arrive at an offer of settlement. If a computerized system was used, ask the insurer to provide the “range” of offers that were generated, from low to high. Do not accept any offer that is less than the high end of the range. If the insurance company is not willing to pay out the high end, ask for a written explanation. If the explanation is not sufficient, considerer filing a complaint with insurance regulators or seek legal help. A car accident attorney will be willing to assist you in your case.

Fight For Fair Compensation From Your Insurance Company With A Boston Injury Attorney

At Brooks & Crowley LLP, our injury attorneys and car accident lawyers are experienced in handling clients' low offers from insurance companies. Don't accept any payment from your insurance company, even if you think it's a fair payment, until you've spoken with an attorney and you are fully aware of your legal options. Our offices in Norwell, Boston and Dedham serve accident victims in Eastern Massachusetts.

Neil P. Crowley
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