Neil P. Crowley
Personal injury attorney for vehicle and construction accident, premises liability and wrongful death cases.

Your own auto insurance company will pay lost wages suffered as a result of an auto accident under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) portion of your policy, up to $8,000.00. They will pay 75% of your wages tax-free, which typically comes out the same as your paycheck. You must show a couple of things:

  1. A note from your medical provider disabling you from work
  2. A completed form from your employer showing how much time you missed and your pay rate
  3. You must not have used the PIP money to pay medical bills
  4. You must not have been paid during your absence from work (in other words, you must have actual lost wages)

Lost wages benefits provide a real service to injured claimants. You do not need to wait for the end of your claim to collect lost wages as with a bodily injury settlement. We have obtained lost wages for many injured people. Feel free to contact Brooks & Crowley, LLP with any questions regarding lost wages.

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