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Buy Local — It Might Mean More Than You Think

Right after the craziness of Black Friday, there’s one more important holiday during Thanksgiving week — Small Business Saturday.

It’s no secret in Boston that the pandemic has emptied many of our local mom-and-pop shops, whether due to financial hardship, the breakdown of the supply chain in nearly every industry, or ... CONTINUE READING

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PSA: A Living Trust Can Protect Your Home


Lately, a lot of people have been calling us to get their estates in order due to losing a family member during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody expects to pass away and leave a mess for their family to sort through. Unfortunately, your debts, taxes, and probate court will take away a lot of the inheritance — even your home in some cases ... CONTINUE READING

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Savor November Before Winter Officially Starts

No matter how excited you are for the upcoming holidays, it’s a great time to take advantage of November while it’s still around, especially with many farmers markets going away for the colder weather. Here are a few other events that’ll help you enjoy the present ... CONTINUE READING

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