Never Settle, Always Push Forward

My extended family has a tradition of going to Cape Cod for a week and spending time with one another. This tradition began 19 years ago, and I look forward to it every summer. It’s made us all grow close to one another. I have nieces and nephews all around the same age. Some graduated from college a couple of years ago, one this year, and a few next year. This is an exciting time for them because they will have the chance to put their knowledge and experience into action as they enter the workforce ... CONTINUE READING

Emails and Text Messages Can Be Contracts Too

When most people think of contracts, they think of formal agreements signed by each party with lawyers present. But not all legally binding documents need to take this route. With the rise of technology over the past 10 years, an email is considered a legitimate contract through law. Here is everything you need to know ... CONTINUE READING

August Events in Boston

Our local events have a little something for everyone this month! So, grab your loved ones and celebrate the last whole month of summer with these fun activities ... CONTINUE READING

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