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How friends help us stay optimistic

How Friends Help Us Stay Optimistic

Since we write the newsletters over a month ahead, I occasionally think about the potential of a new crisis or disaster arising before the next newsletter comes out. Whenever you consider “risks,” you weigh everything going right and wrong in your life and the ...CONTINUE READING

A little distraction from work

A Little Distraction


Distractions in your workplace destroy your productivity, regardless of where you actually work. But here’s the kicker: Some distractions don’t always register as distractions because they’re often minor, like a knock at the door or a conversation you can hear from two cubicles ... CONTINUE READING

Good news in Boston

Good News in Boston

Tough week? Get your morning started on the right foot with a perfect cup of coffee! Here are the best spots to sneak in your caffeine fix before your first Zoom call of ... CONTINUE READING

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