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How Patience Adds Tools to My Toolbox

When we bought our home nearly 20 years ago, it needed a lot of work. It seemed that we only kept the outside frame of the house. Everything on the inside was thrown out and redone. My father pointed out why doing the job once and being done with it was a good idea from a functional standpoint. He knew we would never get to it all unless ...CONTINUE READING

solar panel installers on a roof

How Solar Panels Could Slow (or Stop) Your Boston Real Estate Sale


Will getting a solar panel lease mess up your property selling process? The truth is that it depends.

Solar leases and solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) are similar to renting a solar panel system for the home. The owner enters into an agreement with the solar leasing company that entitles the owner to ... CONTINUE READING

test tubes pouring liquid together

Good News In Boston: Lab‑Grown Furniture?

We write a lot about studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in our newsletter — the institute’s work tends to bring out some absolutely fascinating findings. However, this study is particularly interesting because it could help prevent further destruction of ecosystems worldwide with lab-grown lumber.

Growing meat in a lab is one thing, but how is it done with wood? ... CONTINUE READING

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