Unfortunately, it is not an easy one to answer. Nearly every case is different, and the valuation depends on a multitude of factors. These Include:

  • car accident injury victim with broken arm | Personal Injury Case ValuesWhether a permanent injury was sustained;
  • Whether a temporary injury was sustained and the length of disability;
  • Whether total or partial disability applies;
  • The amount of medical bills;
  • The amount of property damage to the vehicles involved in the accident;
  • The injured person’s job;
  • The injured person’s age;
  • Whether the injured person suffered any lost wages and/or loss of earning potential;
  • How the injury affects their job; and
  • How the injury affects their family, work and social endeavors.

There are many other factors that can affect the value of the case in court should you decide not to settle. In general, the damages awarded are personalized based on elements of the case such as what is listed above. If you injury prevents you from performing your duties for a certain amount of time which ultimately led to a loss of wages, earning potential or another factor of your livelihood, your damages should account for more than if not.

A Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you reside in Massachusetts, retaining a local accident injury lawyer will benefit your case as they will know the ins and outs of the local law and how it pertains to your specific situation. At Brooks & Crowley LLP, our personal injury legal team supports accident victims and those injured due to the actions of another party and fight for their right to recover damages that may negatively affect their lives and livelihoods. Our offices in Norwell, Dedham and Boston serve Eastern Massachusetts. We handle accident cases east of 495 in the Greater Boston Area. Reach out today through our website's contact form or call us at 781-251-0555 for a free consultation on your injury case and begin moving in the right direction.

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