If you seek treatment at an emergency room for a cut or laceration requiring stitches, here is an important tip: wait for a plastic surgeon to stitch you up. There are regional on-call plastic surgeons available to hospitals in their region at any hour.

The difference can be substantial. Whereas standard stitching may require just a few stitches, a plastic surgeon will utilize many smaller stitches in the same area, tightly closing the affected area and promoting a smooth, flat surface for healing. The cost of the stitches may not be covered by your health insurance as it may be determined to be elective treatment, but it can be well worth the money. Especially if the cut is in a highly visible area.

I learned this tip first hand. I suffered a 1.5 inch cut across my face just under my eye socket. At the ER, a nurse suggested I wait while she called a plastic surgeon since the cut was highly visible (It was 9:30PM on a weeknight). The plastic surgeon arrived an hour later and used twenty-two stitches where the ER doctor would have used four. The area completely healed a short time afterwards and no one has ever noticed. The cost of the plastic surgeon was less than $200.00! Easily among the best money I have ever spent. I certainly would have had a permanent scar had the nurse not taken such an interest in my care.

During my career and life, I have gathered an extensive amount of knowledge that can help people who are suffering from various injuries. I am happy to share my experience with people in need, feel free to contact us today.

Neil P. Crowley
Personal injury attorney for vehicle and construction accident, premises liability and wrongful death cases.
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