I was in a car accident and had to use my sick time and vacation time from work when I was out injured. Now I don’t have any left for a vacation. What can I do?

If your employer has paid you for your sick or vacation time while you were out of work because of an injury from an auto accident, you may be eligible for a “buyback” of this time in accordance with the Massachusetts Personal Injury Protection statute (PIP), Massachusetts General Law 90, §34.

Depending on the policy of your employer, some companies allow the insurance company to buy back the sick or vacation time caused by injury from an auto accident. In this instance, PIP will repay the employer for this time, restoring the sick or vacation time. Some employers do not allow a buyback of sick or vacation time.

If you had to use paid time off to recover from injury as a result of a car accident, contact Brooks & Crowley, LLP.

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