When someone is unfortunate enough to suffer a scar as a result of an accident, there are several factors an insurance company utilizes when assessing a value to a personal injury that involves a scar:

  1. Location. Where on the body a scar is located is an important factor, ie. on a visible body part as opposed to a usually concealed area.
  2. Size. The size of a scar affects value, as does the shape. Irregular shapes are more visible. Also, smooth cuts or scars are more likely to heal and fade with time. Bumpy cuts and scars are less likely to fade.
  3. Permanency. Some scars aren’t considered to be permanent until they are a year old. Some heal, shrink and fade over time. Some do not. Placement of stitches at the time of injury can determine how well a scar heals.
  4. Female v. Male. Scars are generally worth much more on women than men. Other factors of this type are age/occupation/hobbies. People who work in high visibility jobs are viewed to be affected more than people with lower visibility profiles.
At Brooks & Crowley, LLP, our personal injury attorneys have experience in valuing claims for people who have suffered scarring. Feel free to contact us for a consultation.
Neil P. Crowley
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