Real Estate Spring Cleaning

In the real estate world, January and February tend to be on the quiet side. But 2016 hasn't been your typical year. This year the market has been booming all through the end of winter and straight on into spring! Rates are even lower now than they were one and two years ago, which means that people are still refinancing regularly. And now that there's no more snow, people are ... CONTINUE READING


Dangers You Can't See (or Smell)

To the average consumer, when a product is "fragrance-free," that means it's made without of use of synthetic chemicals that make soaps, detergents, and cleaning products smell pleasant, but in turn, may cause harm. What you might not know, however, is that "fragrance-free" doesn't always mean ... CONTINUE READING


In the Running for 2016: Boston Sports Update

It's April in Massachusetts, and in the sports world, that means two things: Red Sox baseball and the Boston Marathon!

The pre-season started out a little rough, but the Sox got their act together and things have since been looking up for Boston's team as they take a swing at ... CONTINUE READING

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